Dr. François Balloux
Imperial College Faculty of Medicine, London
United Kingdom
Discipline : Population Genetics
Research interests : I am interested in the genetic make-up of human populations and their pathogens. My recent research efforts were devoted to the development of a coherent and flexible framework for “eco-geographic” analyses of epidemiological and genetic data in space and time.
Keywords : Spatial genetic models, epidemiology, human settlement history, origin of infection diseases; Host-pathogen co-evolution
Prof. Alfredo Coppa
University of Rome “Sapienza”
Discipline : Animal and Human Biology
Research interests : My major research interest is focused on the understanding of the origin and spread of anatomically modern humans . 
I am specialised in the analysis of dental morphological traits to study  the relationship among Holocene human populations using multivariate and artificial intelligence analyses.
My current research focuses on several areas as Arabian peninsula, North Africa, Italy, Caribbean Area and Peru.
Keywords : Dental anthropology, paleoanthropology, skeletal biology, paleodemography; population dynamics.
Dr. Darío Alfredo Demarchi
CONICET, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
Discipline : Biological Anthropology, Population Genetics.
Research interests : The ancient peopling and colonization of the central region of Argentina using molecular, morphological and archaeological evidences. The genetic structure of the Gran Chaco native populations.
Keywords : Native Americans, Sierras Centrales of Argentina, aDNA, mtDNA, Y Chromosome.
Prof. Marcus W. Feldman
Stanford University
United States
Discipline : Population Genetics
Research interests : Human evolution, mathematical models in biology, cultural evolution, niche construction and the evolution of recombination.
Prof. Russell D. Gray
University of Auckland, Auckland
New Zealand
Discipline : Psychology
Research interests : Language evolution, cultural evolution, Pacific settlement, animal cognition, developmental systems theory.
Dr. Rosalind May Harding
University of Oxford
United Kingdom
Discipline : Population genetics
Research interests : Evolution of genetic diversity in populations of humans and their bacterial pathogens.
Keywords : population genetics, bacteria, microevolution, recombination
Prof. Henry C. Harpending
University of Utah
United States
Discipline : Anthropology
Research interests : Foragers and pastoralists, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa,  modern human origins and dispersals, family organisation and evolution; human intelligence.
Keywords : Human evolution, foragers, pastoralist, family organisation
Prof. Richard L. Jantz
University of Tennessee
United States
Discipline : Biological Anthropology
Research interests :  My research interests are mainly concerned with analysis of historical data sets, such as Boas’ Native American and immigrant data, and analysis of skeletal changes occurring in recent Americans.  I have also an interest in cranial morphometrics of early American and implications for colonization of America.
Keywords : Population structure, New World, morphometrics, dermatoglyphics, secular change
Prof. Mark A. Jobling
University of Leicester
United Kingdom
Discipline : Human evolutionary genetics
Research interests : The Y chromosome and the histories and structures of human populations, in particular those of Western Europe.  Haploid mutation processes, including ectopic recombination and gene conversion.  Natural selection on the Y; Y-chromosomal genes and male infertility;  genealogical and forensic applications of Y markers; characteristics of autosomal and X-chromosomal haplotypes and application to human population studies.
Keywords : human ,genetics, evolution, Y chromosome, populations
Prof. Michael A. Little
Binghamton University of the State University of New York
United  States
Discipline : Biological Anthropology
Research interests : My research interests now center on the history of Biological Anthropology in the 19th and 20th centuries .  Past interests have focused on environmental physiology and cold stress, adaptation to the environment, human ecology, child growth, and reproduction.
Keywords : adaptation, ecology, growth, reproduction, biohistory
Prof. William R. Leonard
Northwester University
United States
Discipline : Biological Anthropology/Human Biology
Research Interests : Research interests include human adaptation to environmental and social stressors, and the development of ecological models for understanding major trends in human evolution.  Ongoing field research projects are exploring the biology and health of indigenous populations of lowland Bolivia and Siberia.
Keywords : adaptation, nutrition, metabolism, energetics, growth and development
Prof. Lorena Madrigal
University of South Florida
United States
Discipline : Anthropology
Research interests : I am interested in human microevolution, and have used demographic and population genetics approaches toward understanding it. With my colleagues I have presented a strong challenge to the grandmother hypothesis.  We have also done work with populations of African and East Indian descent in Costa Rica, to trace the evolution of these communities and to examine their cardiovascular health, in the context of the economic development of their region.
Keywords :  Costa Rica, grandmother hypothesis, human skin color sexual dimorphism, Indio- Caribbean diaspora, Afro-Cribbean diaspora
Prof. Elisabeth Matisoo-Smith
University of Otago and Allan Wilson Centre for Molecular Ecology and Evolution
New Zealand
Discipline : Biological Anthropology
Research Interests : Pacific prehistory, human migration.
Keywords : ancient DNA; molecular anthropology; commensal animals; Pacific prehistory
Dr. Marta Mirazon Lahar
Leverhulme Centre for Human Evolutionary Studies, University of Cambridge
United Kingdom
Discipline : Evolutionary Anthropology
Research interests : The evolution of Human diversity from a paleoanthropological, genetic and linguistic point of view.  Dispersals and the evolutionary geography of Hominins . African prehistory and the evolution of African populations.
Keywords : Human evolution, prehistory, dispersals, Africa
Reader/Associate Prof. Robert John Mitchell
La Trobe University
Discipline : Anthropological genetics
Research interests : Anthropological genetics of indigenous populations of Oceania and South East Asia, including analysis of structure and migration routes ; Y chromosome and mtDNA sequence variation; forensic applications of DNA including trace DNA; molecular genetics of taste sensitivity.
Keywords : anthropological genetics; Y-chromosome; forensic DNA; Oceania;  taste sensitivity
Prof. John Nerbonne
University of Groningen
The Netherlands
Discipline : Linguistics
Research interests : Computational linguistics techniques enable access to latent information in linguistic signals, e.g. alignment, edit distance, part-of-speech tagging, or parsing.  My research program exploits these techniques to provide measures of language variation which may be further investigated for their relations to geography and other biological or cultural signals.
Keywords : computational linguistics, dialectology, language variation; statistical modelling.
Dr. Brigitte Pakendorf
MPI for Evolutionary Anthropology
Discipline : Molecular Anthropology; Linguistics
Research interests : Investigation of genetic and linguistic effects of prehistoric population contact from a multidisciplinary perspective : particular focus on Siberia (Yakuts, Evens, Dolgans) and Africa (Central and Western).
Keywords : language contact, genetic prehistory, Siberia
Prof. John H. Relethford
State University of New York College at Oneonta
United State
Discipline : Biological Anthropology
Research interests : Human population genetics,  human biological variation, human evolution.
Keywords : population genetics, quantitative traits, population history, Ireland, modern human origins
Associate Prof. Jorge M. Rocha
Institute of Molecular Pathology and Immunology of the University of Porto (IPATIMUP)
Discipline : Human genetics
Research interests : My major research interest is the study of evolutionary forces that shape the current patterns of genetic diversity in human populations.  My research is focused both on the study of specific populations ( mainly from Africa) and on the analysis of the evolutionary history of particular genes that may be involved in human adaptation.
Keywords : African populations, genetic variation, human adaptation, natural selection, human migration
Prof. Naruya SAITOU
National Institute of Genetics
Discipline : Evolutionary genomics
Research interests : Divergence of modern humans specially in Asia, genetic features of human uniqueness, ancient DNA study.
Keywords : evolution, genomics, population, aDNA, humanness.
Prof. Alicia Sanchez-Mazas
University of Geneva
Discipline : Population genetics
Research interests : I am interested in the genetic study of human populations and its application to human peopling history since the emergence of modern humans.  My principal focus is the molecular analysis of the HLA polyphormism (human MHC) in worldwide human populations, the statistical analysis of population genetics data, the comparison of genetics with archaeology, palaeontology and historical linguistics, and the study of HLA molecular evolution.
Keywords : population genetics, evolution, anthropology, human peopling history, HLA polymorphism.
Prof. Monica Sans
Universidad de la Républica, Montevideo
Discipline : Biological anthropology
Research interests : My main research interest is to understand the processes that led to the formation of  the present populations in Uruguay and other Latin American countries .With this aim, I am involved in population genetics of present and past populations, and their correlation with historical and demographic data together with national identity conceptions.
Keywords : population genetics, molecular data, national identity, Uruguay, Latin America.
Prof. Stephen James Shennan
UCL Institute of Archaeology
United Kingdom
Discipline : Archaeology
Research interests : Application of  biological evolutionary theory and methods of archaeology, prehistoric demography, ethnicity, prehistoric social and economic institutions.
Keywords : cultural evolution, prehistoric archaeology, prehistoric demography, quantitative methods, human behavioral ecology.
Dr. Kumarasamy Thangaraj
Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology
Discipline : Evolutionary and Medical Genetics
Research interests: Origin of modern humans, genetic causes of male infertility, molecular basis of sex determination, molecular basis of mitochondrial disorders, genetics of cardiovascular disease.
Keywords : human origin, male infertility, sex determination, mitochondrial disorders
Prof. Marc Tremblay
University of Quebec , Chicoutimi
Discipline : Demography
Research interests : Intergenerational analysis of demographic behaviour using genealogical data and familial reconstitutions; comparative analysis of the structure and evolution of the regional gene pools of Quebec; study of complex genetic models and the population structure of Quebec; intraregional differentiation of the Saguenay-Lac-St.Jean gene pool.
Keywords : historical demography, demogenetics ,population structure, genealogies
Prof. Christoph P.E. Zollikofer
Anthropological Institute and Museum, University of Zurich
Discipline : Physical Anthropology
Research interests : Computer-assisted paleoanthropology allies research in physical anthropology, computer sciences and biomedical imaging.  The principal thrust is analysis of evolutionary development morphology in primates and humans by comparing data from fossil hominids, living primates and computer models.
Keywords : computer-assisted paleoanthropology, biomedical imaging, morphogenetic modelling, evolutionary development biology, fossil hominids.

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